Minggu, 26 Oktober 2014

avoiding osteoporosis

Bone is the hardest part of our body. But it is necessary in order to keep bones healthy. The fear that is happening pengkroposan bone often referred to as osteoporosis. In order to avoid it, you also need to know the factors of family history, nutrition and lifestyle.

If you frequently drink alcohol and smoke, you have a high potential with osteoporosis. And when the nutritional intake of vitamin D and calcium can also be affected. Although the disease does not cause symptoms, but you should be alert to the signs - a sign of the spine and the pain became more stooped postures.

If you do suffer osteopororsis should follow the doctor's advice and consume a lot of foods that contain vitamin D and also kalsium.banyak are not aware of these symptoms, you should see a doctor, if there is a problem that affects your body.

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