Minggu, 16 November 2014

Dumang rocking Vs Song the pain here


Who does not know the pain song popularized here tuh beautiful singer Cita Citata and rocking dumang are in pretty Audi introduced by artist Marissa. now a topic in the world dangdut tranding. What song could rival king phenomenal dangdut song creation hitherto remained sticky at the heart of society.
Many opinions song tuh pain here may not enjoy doing a lot of community luasa which can be viewed from the childhood to adulthood if there is no wobble dumang beautiful artist who created the Audi Marissa or often called nomnom Gowes.

Cita Nacita only respond with a relaxed expression, response all existing provision governing. who knows who will be the opponent competitor duet they all have their own goals

They never expected to encounter. Now they even exist premises hallmark pain wobble dumang and song tuh here.

Dumang which has the hallmark of mouth opening any moment begoyang with the wide-ranging, such as dolphins newly hungry,,, 
Mother Audi also did not think that his son used to do shake like that "expression
Shake dumang now become the hallmark of his illness tuh song here, Beat sway citata Cita version is called the wobble like rocking wakudoki.


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