Rabu, 10 Desember 2014

Internet only for the benefit of other countries

Internet in Indonesia today its development is very advanced and is a contributor to the country most of the data and income for the largest information technology company in the world .As an example that development is very fast as Google's website, You tobe, Facebook.

Whether to like it as well as we also make other countries rich and until when the Indonesian state dependent, according to the director general Bambang Dwi Anggoro Applications and Information said that Indonesia has a very big challenge to not continue to depend on external Internet sites, the higher development the higher the income that will be utilized by a foreign country.

According to trustworthy sources that in 2013 the number of people in Indonesia only reached 249 but in reality the number of mobile phone users exceeded 290 number, it's hardly surprising, according to data from Indonesia in 2014 in jogyakarta.

Moreover, with the development of the smartphone d'Indonesia also affect the development of the sites of luae country. in Indonesia internet service package reached a very high up to 3 GB with price 100.00 price as it would if the country will get these dilur more facilities compared with Indonesia. that's why we can change and how do I think we can avoid entrapment facilities from other countries. better enrich their own state in the appeal should facilitate traffic of foreign companies.


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