Minggu, 14 Desember 2014

Muzdalifah crying because the third person

Currently gossip very much discussed in infotainment is a rift median household Nassar and Musdalifah which mention as the third and could not hear the news Musdalifah not stand restrain a cry in his heart.

Often sought in the confirmation no one wants to comment to the tempest of the household, although they did not want to comment, the public was able to understand the answer in a way Nassar who has not lived one house with Musdalifah with it to give an answer if between them indeed is happening tempest in in household current.

Musdalifah found in one of the television stations show finally revealed that four months is indeed the recent cold war with her husband "Nassar," May I again tested the patience of my God, I can only be patient and seek, while unraveling the tears of sadness, liver expression Musdalifah.

Housekeeping was not a drama that can be altered his scenario, and there should be no tears which can be shown to the media, his wife quipped Nassar ways, if you want to do more good as I know, he said Nassar with reporters.

Until now the third is still a lot of women who questioned their household nuisance,,? Nassar just face with a smile without commenting about the third person.


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