Senin, 08 Desember 2014

Oppo Remove 4g era in Indonesia

Competition in the business world of telecommunications technology and now has become so tight competition in the world for example, as is done by VIVI is a product that is still a global region to try to be competitive in the world by introducing a new experience for smartphone users in Indonesia.

For a world of fierce competition is now done by Oppo with Iphone 6 which is used to pay Xplay 3 S 4G and do not want to miss the oppo now going to launch 4G in Indonesia with a commitment that has been made willing entering a new chapter in the world of telecommunications in the country.

Indeed, this round will begin, but oppo've prepared everything to anticipate failures will occur.
Some of the products that will be the oppo media using 4G LTE will soon be in launcing that Oppo Find 7, Oppo Find 7a, and Oppo N1 Mini but it certainly still stout again.

Maybe you already can not wait for the launch of this Oppo product and wondering about the price that will be determined by the Oppo, CEO Oppo For about the price of Indonesia have not been able to provide an explanation of the price. "Do not worry about price will not be reachable for all people" he says. And peluncutan will be held around the beginning of 2015.


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